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Dating Apps and Modern Courtship

Technology has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives. You can order food straight from your fridge. You have virtually all of the worlds information at your fingertips. And now you can meet your significant other without getting off your phone through dating apps.

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The Good

To be fair online dating has been around for a while but dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have changed the game completely. For one they have completely dulled the sting of rejection. With both dating apps you cannot see who is rejecting you. All you do is swipe right on the picture/profile of the person you are attracted to, and swipe leftdating apps match on the ones you are not. No one sees who has swiped left or “rejected” them. And you only match when both parties have swiped right on each other. No harm no foul.


With dating apps such as these the old saying: “There’s plenty of fish in the sea” rings true. Once signed up for one of these dating apps you are shown an endless feed of other users based on your preferences. And with 50 million users for an app like Tinder you aren’t likely to run out of potential matches.

The Bad

Though dating apps have brought a lot of positives with them there are still some negative aspects. One is the semi-anonymity has partly removed consequence from dating. Like most things done online, being anonymous causes people to forego certain courtesies. An example of this is an action called “ghosting.” This is where one user completely leaves a conversation without warning only to never return. Instead of having a potential awkward conversation on how you don’t think the relationship could work out people are finding it easier to just leave it dating-apps-iconsaltogether.

The other side of this is that it is causing some people to not take termination lightly. A growing amount of stories and screen caps are being shared showing some users flipping out on fellow users who are simply saying they are not interested after getting to know them through the apps’ in text conversation feature. With the absence of accountability and sometimes shame comes an onslaught of unsolicited insults from disgruntled users.


In conclusion despite some bad aspects to using these dating apps you really have nothing to lose in trying them out. For one they have made the online dating scene much more casual and accessible. And as a result have removed some of the stigma surrounding online dating. They have made it easier for those that are hesitant to try online dating a tool to help them ease into it. You literally have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Whether you are looking for something serious, or a casual hook up there is something for you. Therefore you should get out there and take the plunge into the dating app world.

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