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Marketing Your Small Business

So you have a small business with a great product/service. For some businesses that is all you need to generate business. For most small businesses though you need some exposure. That is where the art of marketing comes in. Plan Your Marketing Goals Like any successful endeavor you should be …

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Dating Apps and Modern Courtship


Technology has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives. You can order food straight from your fridge. You have virtually all of the worlds information at your fingertips. And now you can meet your significant other without getting off your phone through dating apps. The Good To …

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Mortgage: A Beginner’s Guide

Nothing marks your passage into adulthood more than having to pay a mortgage. The process may seem daunting at first, but with  some help from this guide you will be on your way to owning your first home. Shopping For a Loan Just like shopping for the actual home you …

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Super Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

The title of “super-food” gets thrown around a lot these days. What makes something a super food though is a food that is loaded with nutritional value. We’re talking more than normal. It also needs to be especially beneficial to your health; it needs to provide some sort of help …

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Cutting the Cord: Why You Need to Drop Your Cable

These days with the various streaming services cable is becoming more and more obsolete. “Cutting the cord” has been gaining steam for quite some time. The reasons why you should cut the cord are nearly endless. It is cheaper than having cable, you can customize the content you want, less …

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Maximize Your Car’s Resell Value


Does it make sense to try and maximize your car’s resell value? I mean with things like your house it makes sense. A house is something that can appreciate in value over time, it is an investment. A car on the other hand’s value is at its highest before you …

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Popular Dog Breeds for the Family


There is a reason why dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” Its hard not to love dogs, they are playful, loyal, protective and give you unconditional love. But not all breeds of dogs are created equal. Here is a list of the most popular dog breeds out there.   …

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Cars with the Best Resell Values


In terms of investments, cars are pretty low on the list. Unless it’s some sort of classic car you are not looking to make more money than what you spent. When you buy that car new you are buying it at its highest value; and it will only depreciate from …

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